writer and director

ZU GAST BEI FREUNDEN - Kurzfilm, 23’ / ZHdK

Burkina Faso refugee Rachid tries to hide in Brigitte’s flat in the outskirts of Zurich. Thought to have found her true calling, she decides to accommodate him. Even though the unequal power relation leads to tension between Rachid, Brigitte and her ex-husband, she suggests marrying him and giving him the chance to stay legally in Switzerland with her. Surprisingly, her offer gets rejected due to Rachids own plans and her new life-task collapse.

Produktion - Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
Regie und Drehbuch - Luisa Ricar
DOP - Ramón Königshausen
Montage - Sarah Gabele

*Nomination Best Performance* Indiana Comic Con
32nd Valencia int’l Film Festival Cinema Jove
15th Ischia Film Festival
Rights and Might Film Festival 2017
Tampa Bay Comic Con
2nd Black Sea Film Festival
San Francisco Comic Con
3rd Minikino Film Week - Int’l Short FIlm Festival Bali
4th Artcity Short Film Festival
15th Tallgrass Film Festival
16th Hyperfest - Int’l Student Film Festival
24th Int’l Film Festival Etuida & Anima 2017
*Honorable Mention* 3rd Int’l Student, Newcomer and Women Movie Awards
Up-And-Coming Film Festival Hannover
10th Tangier International Film Festival
16th Filmz - Festival des Deutschen Kinos
2nd Bucharest Short Film Festival
Four Season Film Festival
I Filmmaker International Film Festival
*Best Actor* 2nd Watchdog Film Festival
14th Talca International Film Festival
4th Seanema Film Festival

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